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Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Harold C. Klaskin has been providing comprehensive legal services in the areas of civil litigation to clients in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas since 1999. Attorney Harold C. Klaskin will guide you through the entire process of pursuing or defending a civil lawsuit. Cases include:Legal Book and Gavel

  • Fraud cases
  • Breach of contract
  • Business disputes
  • Creditor and debtor lawsuits
  • Most civil litigation matters

Business Litigation

Attorney Harold C. Klaskin understands all aspects of the various court systems, including business litigation cases. He applies his unique insight into the judicial system to deliver proven results for his clients. From contract development and reviewing to all aspects of your case, contact our legal team today to learn how we can help you.Past Due Bills and Debt

Debt Collection

For over two decades, Attorney Harold C. Klaskin has been practicing in debt collection. He never provides anything short of exceptional legal service, whether it's a one-on-one consultation or contentious courtroom showdown.

Debtor & Creditor Rights

Are you being harassed by creditor phone calls? Are you a creditor in need of legal support? Attorney Harold C. Klaskin is dedicated to helping you find legal solutions for both creditors and debtors.Probate of Will

Probate Services

Probate law can seem confusing. Trust Attorney Harold C. Klaskin for guidance with all your probate and estate planning issues.

Unlawful Detainer (Landlord and Tenant)

If a tenant of yours fails to submit the payment you’ve requested within the short time frame you’ve established, the law allows you to file a complaint called an unlawful detainer lawsuit. In this document, which you’d submit to the local court for a small cost, you state that a tenant has owed you a debt for some time and the delay calls for an eviction. You then will need to pick up a Summons document from the court and submit that to the renter as a heads-up. If the court concludes you’re right, the renter will have five days or so to check out before law enforcement forcibly removes them. Our firm can work with you one step at a time to organize the most effective and favorable statement.

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